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VBLOG – DO NOT GIVE UP in Difficult Conditions – Interview of Daniel 5000 Miles away

Never Give Up – Easy to Say Hard To Do

Sometimes in life, we come across to situations where we want to give up easily but some people live in difficult conditions and make their living. Daniel is one of them, in my journey to Seychelles I met different people and interviewed them.
Some points Daniel told me are
  • Embrace the Situation
  • Develop new skills and Talent
  • Never Complain about Situations
  • Be Happy  and Enjoy Life
  • Look after your family and follow traditions of your culture.
Let’s, watch interview of Daniel in this Video
Interview 3 of 5 – DO NOT GIVE UP!! – Daniel lives in Difficult Conditions in Seychelles Islands. Let’s see what talent he has
and how he explains about his skills.
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