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5 Things I learnt from the Movie Dangal – Useful for Startup Businesses

Everyone is talking about the movie Dangal. I managed to see recently and I was highly impressed by the efforts put in by actor Amir Khan. The Story of this movie is actually very useful to relate in real life and in Bussiness. I have made 5 main points to learn from this movie and apply in real life: 1. Have a very clear vision in life and in business: Many

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Powerful tips for customer service and effective communication by Sherry.

Hello, I am told that you are my new banker. It keeps on changing every six months. Can you help me I don’t have internet banking password? I need to pay an amount to my friend, she is in Bangalore and waiting for me, her college fees are due and today is the last date to submit. Sure Mam, I replied, asked for her debit card no. and helped her

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How I beat Procrastination & Find Confidence – 5 Practical tips by Sherry- It can change your life .

Hello readers, I want to thank-you all for giving me so much of love and encouragment in the past few days and it certainly  inspire me to share more about my real life and situations I have been through. I am writing this blog especially for youth , people who are in job and taken up loans , and for everyone who can associate their practical life with the points I have

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