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Challenge your identity, find a winner in you!

Has it ever happened to you that someone has challenged your identity? And in revenge, you took a challenge to prove yourself at any cost. Our identity is challenged when someone says, “You can’t do this”, “this is not your cup of tea”, “try to become like them” or “learn something from them if you can”. “No motivation can work wonders to achieve our goal like a challenged identity” To

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Sound sleep, an indication of a happy life!

“How do you measure the happiness in your life, what does success mean to you?  Is that your bank balance, the area of the house you own, no. of cars you have, the salary you earn or something else? Everyone has their own definition of success & happiness but for me, it is that each day when I have a sound sleep, that means a happy & successful day to me.

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Flexible behaviour for a happy life!

Are you someone who change with time & situational demands and easily adapt yourself to the new circumstances. “The more flexible our behaviour is, the more effective we become“ What is behavior flexibility & how does it matter? There are two people working on a project, both of them have spent a year in planning and execution of that project and suddenly they realize that due to some changes in

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Never Give up ! Reach your dreams ! Live your passion ! – Inspiration blog By Sherry

Today , I am sharing this breath- taking blog for all the people who give up on their dreams and start selling themselves short. This blog will help you change your mind and add on to your inspiration to reach your goals. Many of you talk about living your dreams , but how many of you are ready to sacrifice your comfort ? In reality, a very few  !! Those

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3 Reasons Why Someone Should Insult You

After facing a time of disappointment, getting insulted and having a feeling of long silent. I thought of writing this article. (Inspired by a story as I gone through similar situation) Here are 3 lessons I learned: 1. “In life only person who can defeat you is you yourself.” You must have faced a time in life when nothing is working the way you want. Most people get disappointed, sad and

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20 Life – Changing Formulas to Remain Positive forever by Sherry !

Before you read this blog , I must share some facts. I have faced setbacks,hardships,defeats,pains and what not and I have survived because I remained optimistic and hopeful that things will be fine one day, and today while writing this blog I have captured some points from my life .The realities we face in our society which makes us feel negative, I have tried to touch base the key points

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3 Reasons why people fail to succeed

Airport of Mind Flight number A112 is ready for departure. This announcement broke my attention and I just came out of Ripples of thoughts. I was thinking, isn’t that so strange that we actually plan so much well in advance to make sure we catch our flight? Do we plan same when we have to catch a bus ? We know if we don’t catch one bus, we will get

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Age is a number

Dreams do come true and my age has actually pushed me to my limits. For a while, I thought its over, but I gave myself a push to stand up and take the chance because I knew I have it in me. Age is the numeric count of my years passed on this earth and not my resume. It has nothing to do with my dreams. I know where I

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