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Seems difficult? Let’s make it easy!

How many times it happens to us that we desire to do something but can not pick up a courage to do that because it seems difficult for us. Even when other people are doing the same task with no difficulties. What to do in this case? Many of us just don’t do it saying that we can’t do it or it is not our cup of tea. But why

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Be lazy, be efficient!

There is always a shortest and simplest way of doing anything in this world, and the lazy people find that way. “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”               -Bill Gates When did I realize this in my life? It was the time when I joined a manufacturing organization

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Close few mind apps, save energy and be free

What happens when our cell phone starts hanging or drains energy faster? We close or force quit few running apps, that are expected to consume reasonable memory space of CPU to free some of RAM, so that the device can perform better and save energy. Our mind works in the same way, The mind is a RAM and our brain is a CPU When we exhaust our mind with so

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