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Flexible behaviour for a happy life!

Are you someone who change with time & situational demands and easily adapt yourself to the new circumstances. “The more flexible our behaviour is, the more effective we become“ What is behavior flexibility & how does it matter? There are two people working on a project, both of them have spent a year in planning and execution of that project and suddenly they realize that due to some changes in

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Close few mind apps, save energy and be free

What happens when our cell phone starts hanging or drains energy faster? We close or force quit few running apps, that are expected to consume reasonable memory space of CPU to free some of RAM, so that the device can perform better and save energy. Our mind works in the same way, The mind is a RAM and our brain is a CPU When we exhaust our mind with so

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How to calm our anxious mind instantly and relax

Sometimes it happens to us that we keep on thinking about an event or something that makes us anxious. However, we don’t want to think of that and need some calmness in our mind to relax. But, can we actually stop our mind to generate these unnecessary thoughts? My answer is, NO. Then how we get calmness? This is true that we can’t stop our mind from generating thoughts; this

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