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Roadmap to achieve your goal: Do’s and Don’ts

 Having chosen the goals correctly, it’s time to chalk out a roadmap to achieve them. Let’s discuss some do’s and don’ts so that we reach our destination without going astray and as scheduled, on time. Do’s Write down your goals: Simply writing your goals down will put you years ahead of most people. Brian Tracy once said that only about 5% of people have goals written down, so just writing

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How can practicing sales skills make you a better person?

1). Overcoming fear The number one reason why I emphasize the need to develop your sales skills and learn how to sell is because selling is life. The process of selling begins with a call –more often a cold call. Overcoming the fear to make a cold call is the first victory. Fear is the primary reason which prevents people from sharing their most brilliant ideas in public. Fear is

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How I remained confident and focused on life goals ? Must read – Practical, helpful Tips by Sherry !

Today, I am writing this blog for the people who feel that setting goals are also not making them feel happy.  Even after they have goals and plans to meet them, they are not able to follow it. They get stuck. Don’t know why but they are.Instead of feeling positive, after listing down the goals, they feel they have created more chaos for themselves because they are not moving or

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Never Give up ! Reach your dreams ! Live your passion ! – Inspiration blog By Sherry

Today , I am sharing this breath- taking blog for all the people who give up on their dreams and start selling themselves short. This blog will help you change your mind and add on to your inspiration to reach your goals. Many of you talk about living your dreams , but how many of you are ready to sacrifice your comfort ? In reality, a very few  !! Those

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Age is a number

Dreams do come true and my age has actually pushed me to my limits. For a while, I thought its over, but I gave myself a push to stand up and take the chance because I knew I have it in me. Age is the numeric count of my years passed on this earth and not my resume. It has nothing to do with my dreams. I know where I

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