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5 useful tips for building the digital you

Today we spend most of the time being a digital avatar of ourselves, be it Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or any other social media channel. When it comes to our social communication or interaction, we are more active on these digital channels than in real world. Every time we share any content using any of the digital media, that reflects a part of our personality trait and can also have an

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Be lazy, be efficient!

There is always a shortest and simplest way of doing anything in this world, and the lazy people find that way. “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”               -Bill Gates When did I realize this in my life? It was the time when I joined a manufacturing organization

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Creating your brand avatar!

Many people ask me, what is personal branding? And many have their own views, such as it is about promoting yourself, marketing your skills or promoting your business. Though everything is right what is written above, but personal branding is something more than this. Personal branding is creating your own “brand avatar”.   Let’s take an example to understand this, You may be introvert, emotionally not so strong, You may

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