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Are You Focusing on the Black Dot?

Overview Consider the image below this line. What do you notice right away? If your answer is “the black dot,” like many other people, it just shows how our mind has been programmed to see the hardly 1% portion which is black, ignoring the 99% which is sparkling white. It highlights the average person’s tendency to focus on “imperfections” and “issues” represented by the black dot, while the white paper

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How to handle criticism

Criticism and its types Nobody likes being criticized but, one cannot avoid criticism in life, as Aristotle rightly said: “Criticism is something you can only avoid by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing”. The problem is that quite often, we only value praise. When people speak kind words we feel happy. When people criticize we feel miserable. However, if we only received insincere praise and false flattery, how would

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