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Challenge your identity, find a winner in you!

Has it ever happened to you that someone has challenged your identity? And in revenge, you took a challenge to prove yourself at any cost. Our identity is challenged when someone says, “You can’t do this”, “this is not your cup of tea”, “try to become like them” or “learn something from them if you can”. “No motivation can work wonders to achieve our goal like a challenged identity” To

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3 Reasons Why Someone Should Insult You

After facing a time of disappointment, getting insulted and having a feeling of long silent. I thought of writing this article. (Inspired by a story as I gone through similar situation) Here are 3 lessons I learned: 1. “In life only person who can defeat you is you yourself.” You must have faced a time in life when nothing is working the way you want. Most people get disappointed, sad and

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How I keep myself motivated to get up early morning and get going ?

Before you read this blog , I want to share a fact with you that people around you are working for their dreams , goals, interests and pushing their limits. You need to behold and move forward with a strong reason to drive you all the way through. I am writing this blog after my today’s experience of getting up early , fighting my own self-doubt and come out of

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