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Don’t let any information become your knowledge!

The world of internet is flooded with the information, daily we encounter limitless bits of a different kind of information through various sources. But do we really become conscious while believing any information coming our way? The source of our knowledge is the information and when we let any information become our knowledge we are not doing justice to our intellectual powers. Those powers which we have acquired with many

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How I beat Procrastination & Find Confidence – 5 Practical tips by Sherry- It can change your life .

Hello readers, I want to thank-you all for giving me so much of love and encouragment in the past few days and it certainly  inspire me to share more about my real life and situations I have been through. I am writing this blog especially for youth , people who are in job and taken up loans , and for everyone who can associate their practical life with the points I have

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How I keep myself motivated to get up early morning and get going ?

Before you read this blog , I want to share a fact with you that people around you are working for their dreams , goals, interests and pushing their limits. You need to behold and move forward with a strong reason to drive you all the way through. I am writing this blog after my today’s experience of getting up early , fighting my own self-doubt and come out of

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