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How I remained confident and focused on life goals ? Must read – Practical, helpful Tips by Sherry !

Today, I am writing this blog for the people who feel that setting goals are also not making them feel happy.  Even after they have goals and plans to meet them, they are not able to follow it. They get stuck. Don’t know why but they are.Instead of feeling positive, after listing down the goals, they feel they have created more chaos for themselves because they are not moving or

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How to achieve which seems unachievable

Sometimes in life we want to achieve something however these things looks unachievable. It could be someone overweight trying to lose weight, or someone looking to go abroad for a better life. However, if we don’t visualize a dream how it is possible to achieve something? How can we achieve something which looks unachievable? If you have a Dream and want to achieve them this article is worth reading for you.

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