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Sound sleep, an indication of a happy life!

“How do you measure the happiness in your life, what does success mean to you?  Is that your bank balance, the area of the house you own, no. of cars you have, the salary you earn or something else?

Everyone has their own definition of success & happiness but for me, it is that each day when I have a sound sleep, that means a happy & successful day to me.

Can we ever measure our success or happiness? Do we really have any scale or unit to measure it? Or is there any limit defined for being successful or happy. So how do we know when we actually achieve success and happiness in our life.

Many people never find it because they never realize when it comes to them. They keep chasing for more and more of it and deprive themselves of enjoying what they actually have.

There is no limit of being successful or happy neither there is any final destination we should wait for to rejoice once we reach there, because we will always have something more to achieve, a next milestone to reach, something better to be done.

“Success is a journey, not a destination.”

Each and every day in our life is a reason to rejoice if we are able to complete the task we have given to ourselves, make someone happy, help someone in need, make some contribution towards our goal, learn something new, be better today what we were yesterday and spare few minutes to understand more about ourselves.

When we sleep with the sense of achievement that we have had a successful day today that makes us happy and gives us a reason to rejoice on successful completion of that day. But if in search of success and happiness we keep chasing the endless tasks and sleep with the sense of incompletion in our mind we may not have a sound sleep and that is an indication that we have missed making the most of our day just to achieve something bigger in life, keep waiting for the happiness to come.

“Live every day as you want to live your life.”

Rejoice your success daily, accept that any day can be the happiest day of your life. Because the time, place, people & the moment you will have today will never come again together at the same time and in the same manner. And when you go to sleep, count your accomplishments of the day and feel happy that you have completed a successful day today.

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“Sound sleep, an indication of a happy life!”

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