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4 Things to Learn from Bollywood Movie Tubelight – Power of Self-Belief

Power of Self-Belief – by Jas Brar

Every year Salman Khan releases his movie. Normally the release date is near Eid festival. People eagerly wait for this movie. This year (2017) was no exception where we saw the release of the new movie about Self-Belief named as “Tubelight”. However, the average public review about this movies was “Flop”. Many people said it was the worst movie of Salman Khan’s career but I don’t think so, let’s look at some of the points which teach us few things in life.

While watching this movie I realized, it was not a typical Bollywood romantic love story, however, this movie is giving a very big message about personal belief.

  1. Believe in yourself – You Can do it

    Many people start new ventures, jobs or businesses, however, after some time they stop believing in themselves. They lose the hope and decide to take a step back. When you took a step to do something, only you can do it no one else will or can do it. There is an article by Nidhi Challenge your identity, find a winner in you!

     What was the outcome when you lost belief in yourself?

  2. Your Competition is not Your Enemy

    Normally whenever we start something new, first thing comes to mind is the tough competition in the marketplace. You must keep in mind this competition is an opportunity for you to grow. When I started this blog website, I never thought there are many similar websites. I simply wanted to build a new platform.

How do you react to competition in the market place? Do you stop doing what do you want to do?

3. Fear is Your Biggest Enemy

False Evidence Appearing Real is the biggest enemy of many people. Many people are not able to achieve results due to fear of failure. The interesting fact is, we do not start something new as we are afraid of failure. My question is “how do we know we will be successful in something unless we try something new?”  One of our Authors Major Pradeep has written an article wasting-time-trying-peep-future which is also worth reading on this topic.

     What were you afriad of in your career and how does that made an impact on your life?

4. Do not believe in Miracles

Whenever we start something new, we start to expect results very quickly. When we do not get results as we expect, we start to get disappointment. In the time of fast technology and with customers having less attention span you need to have some patience in your venture. Results do come but they take time, you must allocate some buffer time in order for you to start expecting some results. This is supplemented by an article by our Author Sherry – How I remained confident and focused on life goals?

What were your expectations when you started something new and did you got results as expected?


I hope you enjoyed reading above article, I think in summary we can say Self-belief is very important. Children, Adults, ladies, gents everyone needs to have self-belief. All the major inventions and discoveries were done with self-belief.

If you believe in yourself you can do anything as the common saying is

Self-belief can move mountains

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