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How a rejection can change your life?

How do you react to rejections? anger, disappointment, frustration or dejection?

If your answer is any one of the above then you are not someone who is ready to face the challenge of life but someone who chooses to do easier things and when they become challenging you are more likely to quit even if they may help you achieve your dream.

“Don’t let the rejection be the reason for your dejection”

With this blog, I would like to explain why a rejection but not only the appreciation should motivate us to do something better in life.

Let’s first understand what is rejection and why it happens to us?

Rejection means that we are not fit for some opportunity at that particular time, the reason may be we lack some resources, knowledge or skills at that time, but it does not mean that we are not able to be fit for that opportunity anytime in future.

Why we face rejections in life?

We will face rejection when we try something new in life or we challenge ourselves to achieve our dream, we challenge our current state and want to achieve more in life. People who do not face rejections are happy with their current state, they are into their comfort zone and like to be there, they are not ambitious like you, they are not crazily chasing their dreams.

“You are more likely to fall only when you run or walk speedily, you will not fall when you keep sitting at one place or walk slowly.”

Here I will share my life story, as how a rejection changed my life;

I had just completed my MBA and looking for a job in HR. Had faced few of interviews but was not selected, did not know the reason as I had a good knowledge of the subject. It was obvious for me to get disheartened. One day I had an interview in a mid-sized company and as usual not selected there as well but the interviewer was kind enough to share the reason for my rejection, and the reason was my communication skills was not as good as to land me a job where communication is considered as the prime criteria for selection. And that rejection, where I also know the reason now, motivated me to work on my communication. And that helped me to get a job in an MNC through very next interview. Today, I facilitate people improve their communication skills.

We all know that Mr. Amitabh Bachchan was rejected at All India Radio(AIR) as announcer for his voice. Many years later when Mr. Bachchan became a star, Mr. Sayani(The interviewer) invited him at the annual ceremony of a RJ Training Institute event to grace as chief guest. And expressed his embarrassment in jovial spirit and said, “It is good that I did not pass you in the audition else my job as narrator at AIR would have been in a risk”.

When you are rejected for any opportunity and you still want to do that with more spirit, it means you are on the right track and moving in right direction. This is your passion and don’t let a rejection demoralize you to chase your passion rather be ready to fight by making that your strength and surprize people.

 “You question my ability and that will be a fun.”

So next time if you face any rejection don’t let it be the reason for a dejection but a motivation to chase your dream with a new zeal.

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