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Powerful tips for customer service and effective communication by Sherry.

Hello, I am told that you are my new banker. It keeps on changing every six months. Can you help me I don’t have internet banking password? I need to pay an amount to my friend, she is in Bangalore and waiting for me, her college fees are due and today is the last date to submit.

Sure Mam, I replied, asked for her debit card no. and helped her reset the new password and adding a beneficiary in her account, she made the payment, Thankyoucalled her friend.

Wow ! She Thanks you

so much! You solved my problem.

Next day, I got a call. You are our Relationship manager, I am Khanna here, bank ,yesterday my daughter-in-law came to you and you helped without knowing her. It rarely happens in bank,can you come to my office, I have some surplus fund and want to do some investments with your help !

Today , I am writing this blog for people who are struggling due to effective communication and  customer relationship jobs in corporate, multi-national companies or business start-ups and it will  surely add value for all of you who will read it.

Everyone knows that customer service is important to increase the revenue of the business.

One of my friend from banking fraternity has inspired me to share my experiences on the subject which is most demanding in today’s scenario and essential all the time.

If you want your client should love the experience you gave him whatever way you promote your business or product, this blog will add immensely to your skills.

Effective communication between Organisation & Customer has an enormous affect on customer Loyalty and satisfaction.

Let’s understand this way,
Any business remains profitable when it is benefited with the shape of a triangle, I refer this as triangle process.
The customer, business promoter & the company are parts of a triangle.

You cannot afford to break this chain.

The physical communication & telecommunications or Internet communications are the prominent solutions to build up trust and relationship.

My favourite is the physical communication.

“Customer service is an attitude, not a department – anonymous”

During my tenure with a bank as a personal banker, the bank wants an employee to follow a process and that is to meet every single customer in the assigned database once in a quarter .

Email, telecom are also good ways but physical meeting & feedback origin can’t be ignored.

The communication gap can best explain with an apparent example:

The parent and the kid stopped interacting with each other for some time.
The relationship exists but the flavour gets low day by day and a day comes when this frustration of non-communication will be evident.
And for instance, if they don’t communicate for long the relationship surely exist but only on papers not in emotion and physical.
The mobile smiley’s and healthy emails work but not at the cost of physical appearance.

What do you think my reader?
Are they really attached?

Basically – Yes.
Technically – No.

The same happens when an organisation or employee representing organisation’s vision, stop communicating with the end user which is the driver for any business called a ‘customer ‘.

“Handholding of your client is the key to success of any business.”

You cannot beat the importance of constant touch irrespective of requirement & service with feeling which ethically should be the part of organisation values in addition to out of the way customer retention platform , to promote strong signal of brand you advertise.

Organisations are insubstantial in nature but people who represent these organisations subsist.
They develop habits and processes to follow.

Communication gap arises when we stop engaging with the customer.
When we stop caring about  the problems of the customer,
When we act as non cohesive about  follow-ups & revert for an important query.

The collaboration of laying down a process is critical but if there is no- adherence by representative then the whole interest appears to be lost.
It is at the sole discretion of an employee to deliver the expectations and loyalty at first.

Now, it is connected with the satisfaction of an employee as well because if he is not internally  happy to offer his services or professionally not expert due to any reason  then it is a suicide for any company in the name of faith and satisfaction.
To be precise, how a company can expect an employee to be following everything with the same passion when he is not even skilled and trained in that same manner.

Loyalty and satisfaction gets into the picture when a non-physical individual  (company) exports the process to individuals  (employees ) to get satisfaction of consumer (end customers )

All three points of triangles are imperative.

Few tips to meet expectations of a client in customer service, which may help and it is applicable to all types of business:

  1. Meet your clients regularly for retention
  2. Be honest in your approach and he will never leave you.
  3. A client is also a human being like you; understand his situation before you offer anything.
  4. Constant update of new happenings will add value to the client and you both.
  5. Wishing on birthdays, anniversaries will add on to sustain the relationship.
  6. Wrong commitment is a short term profit, be transparent it will pay for the lifetime.
  7. Focus on service, relationship building, business will automatically happen.
  8. The client likes reminders on things even if they remember, be proactive to take care.
  9. Be humble, if your product is not powerful, you can leave a long lasting impression.
  10. Don’t over commit to a client. Under-commit and do more, a client will feel good and trust you.

Always remember,
Whenever a customer is buying anything, he always buys from the individual and not the company.

Thanks for reading my blog 🙂


New Delhi, India

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