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Happiness an illusion – Really?


What is happiness?

We wish evryone a happy new year. .. what make you and evryone happy ?
Some people confuse happiness with achievements. We normally say I will be very happy once I have a nice job, a nice car or a nice house. Elderly say, once my children are married and settled, I will be very happy. However, children say once I buy this phone or that game, I will be happy but the real truth is none of these material things makes us happy. This happiness only lasts for few moments once we have those material things then we simply want to have next item.

So, What is this happiness then?

Happiness is a thought which needs to be created in our mind.  We need to be aware of thoughts we create every day every minute or every second.  Did you actually ever thought what makes people happy? Some people feel happy by doing live seminars and see others smile, some people feel happy by educating others whereas others feel happy by giving pain to other people.
I see happiness when helping others to achieve what they want to achieve – hence started 

What is your happiness and purpose of life? What makes you happy?

Today think and start to find happiness around you and inside you.  It can be anything from losing weight to writing a book.
Whatever you decide just make sure you are persistent with your aim and you do a little every day. Start doing research on whatever you decide to do. If you want to be a public speaker then join local clubs or organisation which can offer you an opportunity to speak in front of people.

What more we can do to make us happy?

You should also develop some new habits and one of them is to stop pleasing people and live a life for yourself and not for people. These can be people in your family, at work and in society. Don’t get upset, hurt, angry, frustrated or even happy due to other people. Do not let others control your emotions.
You have the capacity to create a new you,  do a personal analysis of yourself check what skills or qualities you must improve yourself to become a new you in this year. Only resolution should be to keep a commitment to yourself.  If we commit something we must stick to that.

Commit to be happy? Sounds Hard right?

Will you try to be happy or happiness is just an illusion – we will ever be happy?
I leave you to answer this question …………………….

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