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Challenge your identity, find a winner in you!

Has it ever happened to you that someone has challenged your identity? And in revenge, you took a challenge to prove yourself at any cost.

Our identity is challenged when someone says, “You can’t do this”, “this is not your cup of tea”, “try to become like them” or “learn something from them if you can”.

“No motivation can work wonders to achieve our goal like a challenged identity”

To support my statement, I have a story to tell from my life,

I was in class 12th and there were only 3 months for board exams to happen. It was my Chemistry class and I was sitting on the last bench because that was the perfect place to play games when you find a boring lecture.

That day I was caught playing a game. “Nidhi, are you playing a game in the class, stand up” teacher said. Tell me how much you scored in my subject in last semester exams. I said in low voice, “32”. What, how much? say it loudly, the teacher said. “I scored 32”, I said in a bit louder voice. “32 out of 50” do you think you are very intelligent and don’t need to concentrate in class. Learn something from Neha, she scored 47, you should study like her, she is going to top the college this time too. Become like her if you can.

I was quiet but repeated her sentence in my mind that hurt my ego,  “study like her, become like her”.

I said sorry to her and sat down quietly.

I started talking to myself, why should I become like her? I have my own identity, if I don’t score more than her that does not mean that I should become like her, I may have some other talent which can make me better than her. And if scorecard is the only certificate to prove myself to the world, I will break your belief, Neha will not top in this board exam, I will.

My identity was challenged that day, I had promised myself to prove that I am better than her but will it be easy? only 3 months left for board exams. My inner self said “this is not the matter of being easy or not, either do it or don’t do it.

I had challenged myself when I had no idea how this is going to happen. I had only one advantage over her that she could not beat my score in maths and a little more advantage that I was good at concepts while she was pretty good at mugging up.

And many challenges to overcome in just next 3 months to beat her score.

First, she was taking regular tuitions for last two years for all the three main subjects (Phy,Chem,Maths) and I who believed in self-study, had only for Maths. Second, I was not good at filling the exam copies like her. Third, a huge gap in the score (12 percentage) in last semester exam.

Despite all those challenges, the very first step I took was to start taking tuition classes for rest of the two subjects at least for next 3 months. That time there were the only revision and practice classes going on, but it was fine for me at least I will come to know my weaknesses. I wanted to leave no stone unturned and no excuse to come into my way.

On the very first day in my chemistry tuition class, there was a surprise test and I was the only one to answer the question. On seeing my dedication, Chemistry teacher handed me over a register with two years handwritten notes by one of the seniors and asked me not to tell this to any of the students as they will have objection on this who were taking regular classes for last two years. That time it was almost equal to having two years’ tuition classes for me.

Though I knew that my concepts were better than Neha but I wanted to be sure of that and one day in class I asked her to solve one of the physics problems pretending as if I am stuck and need her help. The way she explained was enough to know that I was right. She was not pretty good at concepts.

After three months of focused study & dedication, the exam time had come and I said to myself,

“Just do your best to be better than the rest”.

Finally, it was the result day and I came with my friend to collect my mark sheet from the college, where I found my class teacher busy with managing the bundle of sheets. She asked my friend to tell her name, “Nupur” my friend told and she took around 2 minutes to find her mark sheet from that bunch. Now my turn, she asked my name, I said Nidhi Tyagi. She repeated my name with a surprised reaction on her face “Nidhi Tyagi”, here is your mark sheet (she had already kept my mark sheet on a separate table), Congrats Nidhi you have topped the college.

What? I said. Yes, you have topped the college, many congratulations to you.

Though it was obvious that Neha had scored less but I still asked her, Ma’am what is Neha’s score? She replied, “she scored 2%age less than you”.

I was still in a surprise, just smiled and said to myself, ”Miracle happens, really.”

It is possible to achieve what we want if we realize our best self.

Let people challenge your identity and you will find the winner in you which you may not see otherwise.

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