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Mr. Rahul ( name has changed, it’s imaginary ) working as an accountant with a reasonably secured job, but he always hated figures and felt trapped by them. He seemed always unsatisfied, unhappy & dejected. He was not totally satisfied with his current job. He was always bothered by a question which many of us also come across in day to day lives, “Am I selling myself too short?” Day

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5 Things to Learn from Movie Raees

“Baniye Ka Dimaag Aur Miyan bhai Ki Daring. Apney pass dono hai”, Raees Shahrukh Khan is back with his Blockbuster Raees. This movie is a great movie to watch for anyone willing to do something in life. Most of the successful people have failed at least once in their life before achieving their goals. Successful are the one who never quit, keeps going and keep making efforts. Today I am tempted to

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Never Give up ! Reach your dreams ! Live your passion ! – Inspiration blog By Sherry

Today , I am sharing this breath- taking blog for all the people who give up on their dreams and start selling themselves short. This blog will help you change your mind and add on to your inspiration to reach your goals. Many of you talk about living your dreams , but how many of you are ready to sacrifice your comfort ? In reality, a very few  !! Those

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Powerful tips for customer service and effective communication by Sherry.

Hello, I am told that you are my new banker. It keeps on changing every six months. Can you help me I don’t have internet banking password? I need to pay an amount to my friend, she is in Bangalore and waiting for me, her college fees are due and today is the last date to submit. Sure Mam, I replied, asked for her debit card no. and helped her

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MY SUCCESS PHILOSOPHY ( BE SUCCESSFUL article series ) ( Part : 01 ) ( IMPORTANCE OF GOAL SETTING )     GOAL SETTING:- ( First step towards SUCCESS ) First and foremost in order to succeed you must know where you want to reach, because if you don’t know where you want to reach then you will sail wherever the wind blows you. If you yourself don’t know your

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    The word impossible itself spells, I’M POSSIBLE ( if you believe ). Napoleon Bonaparte (A French military leader and emperor who conquered much of Europe in the early 19th century.),He once remarked, “That the word ‘impossible’ is found only in the dictionary of fools.” History is full of impossibilities that could be possible through noble and continuous efforts. Wright Brothers, Alexander Graham Bell, Albert Einstein, Helen Keller, Stephen

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Keeping Fire Burning

Keeping Fire Burning Sometimes we get tired in life and when things don’t work out we want to give up. We want to quit, we kind of trying to go back to our comfort zone. In this type of situation, you need a motivation and you will be surprised how negative criticism can give you the energy and give you fuel to keep your fire burning. Let’s see further how?

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Age is a number

Dreams do come true and my age has actually pushed me to my limits. For a while, I thought its over, but I gave myself a push to stand up and take the chance because I knew I have it in me. Age is the numeric count of my years passed on this earth and not my resume. It has nothing to do with my dreams. I know where I

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