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What to do on seeing your child’s report card?

Overview The month of April is full of anxiety for kids, more so for the parents because of the declaration of school results. In the beginning of the session, parents tell their children to study well and pass with high marks. Indeed a child’s success is always a source of pride for any parent. However, not everyone can pass with flying colors. Naturally, some of the kids will bring home

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What most parents don’t know about parenting?

When asked what attributes they want to see in their child, almost all parents would list the following: happy, healthy, sincere, truthful, hardworking, respectful, compassionate, intelligent, etc. But in reality if we look around how many children do we find having these qualities? The answer is not very encouraging. Let us examine the reasons for this paradox. Parenting has a big role to play in this context. Does parenting have

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How Can I control my anger? – Anger Management

Anger – Your Boss Let’s see how? In our life all of us have been angry many times. Sometimes we get angry on small small things and sometimes someone’s actions make us angry and frustrated. You may have also experienced a stage of regret after anger, where you felt what you did was wrong and you want to appologise or improve your behaviour. We express anger in different ways: child

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Powerful message about a Mother’s love – Life changing blog by Sherry!

Thank-you Jas Brar, Founder of, my good friend from London for encouraging me to write this article today. Today I am dedicating this blog to my mother on her 66th birthday and to all the mothers on this earth who love their kids and to all the kids who love their mothers. “Mothers are special. Mothers are God on earth.” Before I tell you anything, it is imperative to understand

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