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Who Wants to Learn About Audio?

Some individuals today use music to specify a mood. Thus, the best method to down load music into your music player would be to find a valid site. Yes it really is a rather powerful source. It happens to be an integral part of human anatomy. Quality music invokes a wide selection of feelings within the listener. For fans, it is a fantastic, interactive ways to discover audio and encourage

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Vuln!! Path it now!!

Vuln!! Path it now!! Vuln!! Path it now!!

News for Dummies

Blogs are an excellent method to obtain insight and knowledge, and therefore do your homework to discover who the most effective bloggers are in the market and begin following. You may also observe their blog and get regular updates on what is happening throughout the press region and world. The write-up leads with a simple review of what is occuring and the way that it bans many Muslim majority countries.

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Are You Focusing on the Black Dot?

Overview Consider the image below this line. What do you notice right away? If your answer is “the black dot,” like many other people, it just shows how our mind has been programmed to see the hardly 1% portion which is black, ignoring the 99% which is sparkling white. It highlights the average person’s tendency to focus on “imperfections” and “issues” represented by the black dot, while the white paper

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How to keep away from gossip

Overview It has been said, “Gossip is a national pastime”. Whenever people find free time, at home, in school, college, or in office they resort to gossiping. According to Yale University researcher, we spend at least 60% of our conversations talking about people who are not with us at that time. While it’s a human tendency to gossip occasionally, some people can go overboard with it. Ironically, the more we

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How to Stop Playing the Blame Game?

“When a man points a finger at someone else, he should remember that three of his fingers are pointing at himself.”    ― Louis Nizer Overview One of the most destructive human pastimes is playing the blame game. It has been responsible for a considerable amount of human frustration and unhappiness. The blame game consists of blaming another person for an event or state of affairs thought to be undesirable.

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Learn to Respond, Not React

Overview We have all heard the famous saying, “life is 10% of what happens and 90% of how you react to it.” Imagine going to the doctor for medication and returning for a follow-up visit. In one case the doctor says you are reacting to the medication, in the other case the doctor says you are responding to the treatment. When anything happens in the environment to cause you feel

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4 Things to Learn from Bollywood Movie Tubelight – Power of Self-Belief

Power of Self-Belief – by Jas Brar Every year Salman Khan releases his movie. Normally the release date is near Eid festival. People eagerly wait for this movie. This year (2017) was no exception where we saw the release of the new movie about Self-Belief named as “Tubelight”. However, the average public review about this movies was “Flop”. Many people said it was the worst movie of Salman Khan’s career but I

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Mind your posture

Overview Everyone wants to be happy and successful in whatever one is doing. But unless one is healthy, he can neither be happy nor successful. The age old adage ‘a sound mind in a sound body’ is more relevant today than any other time. In this era of technological advancements in the form of several gadgets, appliances it is all the more imperative to maintain a ‘sound ‘body’; I mean

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Are you a Thirsty? 5 Ways think Different – Life Coach Jas Brar Presents

I am proud to start a new series of Blogs, “Change the Change”. These series will have examples from real life. People who have kindly contacted me on wats app and shared their story. I will not be naming anyone but let’s discuss further. Jas Brar Presents – Change the Change When I was young perhaps about 10 years old, I was introduced to a story named as “Thirsty Crow”. Here

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