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Are you a Thirsty? 5 Ways think Different – Life Coach Jas Brar Presents

I am proud to start a new series of Blogs, “Change the Change”. These series will have examples from real life. People who have kindly contacted me on wats app and shared their story. I will not be naming anyone but let’s discuss further.

Jas Brar Presents – Change the Change

When I was young perhaps about 10 years old, I was introduced to a story named as “Thirsty Crow”. Here are some points from this story and some points about the crow.

So, what is this story? (Let’s Refresh our Memory)

There was a thirsty crow and in one of very very hot summer days he could not find water anywhere. He was flying here and there until he found a Jug of water. But the level of water was too low and the thirsty crow was not able to drink water.

Thirsty crow started to talk to other crows and they said “you are gone made, this is a big Jug of water and you are little crow”. You can not do this,but this crow was determined. He visualised the water coming up and pouring out of Jug, he knew it was possible to drink water but he just did not know how to make it possible.



So, did he give up?

No no, he thought about his options and did a personal inventory on choices he had. After trying for a while thirsty crow found a piece of marble and put in the Jug. He saw some ripples out of water and water level roise a little. Therefore, crow saw an opportunity to do something. He found some stones and threw them in the water, now the water level gone up.

Crow was highly motivated and his confidence grown further. He then flew to the nearby place and found some more marbles. Eventually he filled the Jug until the water level was high enough for him to drink.

Moral of Story “Where there is a will there is way”

Now You must be thinking why I am talking about this crow? What is this anything to do with real life or with us ?


Ladies and Gentleman believe or not – all of us are crows at some point in life. When we were young, we knew when we will simply cry we will get food, water and can watch our favorite cartoon program.

“We knew the ways to get what we want”

What happened when we became older?

Something inside us died. Willingness to do something, our determined mindset and dedication were lost under the burden of responsibilities of life. We decided to stay thirsty and not to fill our jug of life with marbles of opportunities.

Why did this happen?

This happened because we thought we are not able to do something new, we stopped our brain thinking power by limiting our belief and confidence. We stopped believing in ourselves and lost self-confidence. We started to believe other people and trusted the judgment of others.





This day by day became our habit and we never thought we can fly to other places (change job, start business, do something new) and collect marbles of new opportunities (meet new people, do new things, learn new skills, do something new which was never done before)

Let’s see what is inside our mind?

Since we are all having family and financial commitments, we are faced with following questions in our mind:

  • I am doing this all my life, how can I start something new?

  • Isn’t it very risky?

  • I don’t have enough money and I can not do anything

  • I have kids to feed and a member of the family to take care, I can not take the risk.

  • Even if I visualise to something but in reality it’s not possible.

  • I tried to do something new in the past and I failed, so I am not going to do anything new.

  • I have no skills, no knowledge and no contact it’s too difficult to start

Before Conclusion

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We all have difficult circumstances, restrictions, responsibilities, and commitments, but my point is who does not have these things in life? People who were successful had same situations like us but they thought something different and did something new which was not done before.

To be continued …..

I will stop here and we will continue in next series “ Change the Change”

      They day I can make 1 change in someone’s life, the day I am successful      Jas Brar

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