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5 Things to Learn from Movie – Toilet Ek Prem Katha

Toilet Ek Prem Katha

consists of a real-life love story between Keshav from Nandgaon (Mathura) and Jaya from Barsana (Mathura) whose love transcends across barriers of society and tradition but is challenged by the most unexpected hurdle, a toilet. This is the true story of millions of those women in rural India who till date, walk a few kilometers away from their homes just to be able to relieve themselves, at break of dawn or fall of dusk and face the risk of rape/kidnapping. Source –

Now let’s see what we can learn form this Movie. Here are my 5 points to learn:

1. Keep a Strong Determination:

In our life, we come across to situations when a lot of people are against us. Sometimes we lose our determination and start to doubt ourselves. However, keeping a strong determination in your mind will help you to achieve what you really want. In the movie, everyone is against Akshay’s decision including his own father, but Akshay has a very strong determination which finally leads to the success of having a toilet in the house.

2. Keep the End in Mind:

When mountaineers start climibing they know where they are going and they keep peak in mind. In our life, we start new busiesses, new jobs, new ventures, new relationships, new goals, new aims however we end up failing in some of them because we do not have the end in mind.

We do not know where we are going as our life is on auto pilot most of the time.

3. Make a decision and Stick to it:

It is very important to make correct decisions in life. We must give a good thought, think carefully and get advice from other people around us. Once you make a decision it is very important to stick to your decision and prove yourself right. In the movie, Akshsay makes a decision to have a Toilet built in this house and no matter what he sticks to his decision even his wife decides to take a divorce. 

Hitler once said “I don’t make wrong decisions but whatever decision I take I prove it right.

4. Fight With Problems & find a Solution:

Sometimes in life, you have to fight with problems in order to find a solution! Especially when we start something new, circumstances around you are not in your favour. You have to find the solution out of the problem and make your venture successful. In the movie, Akshay investigates the corrupt government is been doing against giving Toilet facilities to villagers hence he finds the solution by integrating the officials. 

5. Celebrate Your Success:

It is very important to celebrate your success. Especially when you are starting up, small successes should be celebrated. Treat yourself to a nice meal, coffee with cake or buy yourself a present. Also celebrate your success with your family members, your colleagues and anyone who helped in your achieving your goal.


In our life, we come across to situations which make things difficult for us. However, we can overcome the situations with a careful planning, good courage and a strong determination.

Keep doing what you been doing and you will achive your goals.

Just Do Not Quit !

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