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20 Life – Changing Formulas to Remain Positive forever by Sherry !

  1. Before you read this blog , I must share some facts. I have faced setbacks,hardships,defeats,pains and what not and I have survived because I remained optimistic and hopeful that things will be fine one day, and today while writing this blog I have captured some points from my life .The realities we face in our society which makes us feel negative, I have tried to touch base the key points and I hope it will surely add  value to your wallet of knowledge.


I have written this blog keeping in mind how I remained positive in situations I come across and I am able to give you 20 effective formulas you can use to lead a positive life by confidently facing your challenges .

If you want to remain positive, follow these Practical Tips and decide yourself :

1.Positive turbine: I refer to the word turbine as I mean it. You will get surprised how so easily you can generate positive feelings and thoughts by following a simple strategy. I make an effort to motivate people around me in whatever way I can by talking, on their life,career,relationships,health,etc. I coach them and share my bona fide views.

In the process,I generate positive vibrations inside me first before it gets transferred to the reciever.

I practice this habit almost daily and remain positive .

Positive formula: Talk,discover,motivate others and in the process you multifold your motivation.

2.BEE – Brain, eyes, ear: Making the best use of god-gifted organs , can inspire your soul every day and bring immense changes in your behaviour.


Let me explain :

Eyes to watch : Use the eyes to watch  motivation videos on you tube for minimum half hour daily by sorted speakers like Sadhguru, Les brown,Tony Robbins,Robin Sharma,Sandeep maheswari,TS Madaan ,Vivek Bindra etc. and reading the articles on motivation published on different websites .

 Ear to hear : I utilise my driving time and switch on my car stereo  to hear motivation audios of motivation speakers like, Earl Nightingale, Jim Rohn,Eric thomas , Bob proctor unless I am in a party mood. I use sound cloud application for motivation audios which has some good collection.

Brain to process information : If your brain is not synchronized with the above two organs, it wouldn’t follow the wavelength, resulting  to the failure of information storage to brain .

Listening and then absorbing the learning is crucial to remain positive.

*Moderate internet speed is sufficient to access the motivational content.

Positive formula: Follow BEE!

3.Words carry power : Reading daily motivation messages, affirmations,books, articles by different influencers is a great way of motivating yourself every day. It helps to change your negative emotions quickly. Sometimes when you are not able to take a decision, stressed ,unable to change your mind, the information you read can uplift your mood  instantly and show you the right direction as your mentor.Indulge yourself in reading inspirational books, atleast some content regularly.

Postive formula: Joining a whatsapp group or facebook group for motivation,postive thoughts is a decent option these days.

Use social media platforms like whatsapp,facebook,twitter,instagram to access content.

4.Self – talks: Why do we clean our house everyday? It has a simple answer ; we cannot live in a dirty place.

Have you ever imagined if we cannot live in a dirty place how can we live with grubby thoughts carried forward all the time in our minds which evacuate our positive energy?

Is there any way to clear your thoughts?

Yes, there is a way out; which I am going to share .

I love nature and walk in an isolate place for doing self talking. I use this tool to expel my unwanted thoughts which carries no relevance to my identity. It is a great exercise to stay motivated. Self talks with you help in clarity of thoughts and making you more positive towards life. 

Positive formula:

Talk with yourself, once in a week.

5.Paradigm shift : I was no way near to the goal of being fitness model, I wanted to become but I did not know what to follow, what to do. Instead, I was negative all the time, filled with procrastination that I am fat; It is difficult to lose weight, I am an ordinary man and I can’t change anything.I was the man who doesn’t know where I am going as my thoughts were full of confusion and anxiety because that is what I was thinking about.But besides adversities you face, everything has a solution if you have vision and tenacity with you.

I am sharing the turning point of my life,

How I became positive?

It has helped me in my fitness transformation as well.

Remember, we become what we think about.

But why this happens?

I am sharing it with you.

This story is powerful and can change your life.

In the book The strangest secret of the world by Earl Nightingale – He reveals a strangest secret.He said, I will tell you about a situation which parallels the human mind,

Suppose a farmer has some land and it is a good fertile land. The land gives farmer a choice, he may plant whatever he chooses, the land does not care. Remeber the human mind, it works like the land and doesn’t care what you plant in it, it will return what you plant,but it doesn’t care what you plant.Now the farmer has two seeds in his hand,one is a seed of corn and other is of deadly poison. He digs two holes in the land and plant both the seeds. He gives water daily to both the plants,protects them and takes care till they grow up.

Now what will happen? Invariably the land will return what is plant on it.As written in the Bible, “As you sow,so shall you reap. “ Remember the land doesn’t care what you plant so upcomes the two plants – One is corn,the other is poison.The human mind is far more fertile,far more incredible and mysterious but it works the same way. It doesn’t care what we plant- success or failure? anxiety,fear , negativity or postivity  ? But whatever we plant, it will return to us.

Reading this I got inspired and decided to change my life. It  completely shifted my paradigm and I never looked back and achieved my goal by planting the right thoughts in my mind.

Positive formula: What your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve – Napoleon Hill.

5.10 minute principle: Whether it is about early reaching office , a coaching class lecture, meeting with client , in a training session before trainees, or a family gathering ,I have felt positive and confident reaching 10 minutes before the informed time. You will be surprised to notice that if you give yourself 10 minutes of buffer in anything you do, you will feel motivated and others will see you with eyes of admiration over the people who don’t and it adds to real positivity.

Positive formula: Reach before time wherever you go.

6.One thing – One time principle: A simple yet powerful way to maintain the positivity. It signifies, even if you have planned multiple goals in your life, designate one goal at a time, finish it then move to the next.I will tell you my story when I got stucked and someone helped me.

Once I was bewildered with thoughts of multiple goals and I discussed it with Jolly uncle, a famous motivational author from New delhi, India, he recommended me to follow one thing- one time principle and it helped me to recover and remain positive.

Positive formula: Focus one goal at a time to get sure shot success.

7.Stop hating people : We interact with so many people in a day and get hurt for small reasons because we don’t know how to react when someone hates, dislike or ignore us because you cannot stop them doing so. By hating someone, we give away our focus and energy and transition takes place to a negative mindset which spoils our positive mood., it happened with me so many times.But, then I realised one day this should stop and I should change my attitude.

Thing about this – We all are souls, sent by god for a short time.

The moment you think this way and treat everyone as a soul of god’s creation, you will  come out as a positive and humble human being and that is your original state of mind which will help you accept the reality which exists. Everyone has some weakness including you. Let us accept the society  we live in whole-heartedly .

Positive formula: Keep loving yourself, no matter what people think who you are.

8.Stories we cook in our mind: We invite a free opinion from our mind to become our reality all the time basis our observation towards a situation or a behaviour by friend,colleague,relative or in general.In mind, we create a lot of stories and trust them known as conclusions and undersell ourselves.Per my past experience, the moment you create a conclusion about anyone, it is very difficult to get out of it and think positive.Do not conclude anything about any individual ,if you do , you only get into a trap of negavtive thoughts.

Positive formula: Investigate the situation or person but never conclude about anyone.Your perspective, reality may differ. I simply follow this and remain motivated.

9.Temple visit routine : Before I reach my workplace, on my way, I usually visit Sikh Temple.It keeps me in touch with my origin and helps me to feel gratitude for everything I enjoy on the earth.

Positive formula: Have faith in god and be grateful.

10.Achieve small goals: Don’t get into the mindset of dreaming only about big goals.Small achievements equally matters. It can be buying a gift for your loved ones, dinner at five star ,going for a destination, gifting a gold made item to your near ones, learning new language or anything which you decide .Do remember to celebrate your victories.

Never forget that, multiple bricks combined creates a building and not the vice versa.

Positive formula: Take small steps to achieve big. 

11.Listen to music: Don’t underestimate the power of music , since ancient times it is proven that music has the power to change your mood from negative to positive.It depends on your likings and mood and you can quickly change your energy levels.

Music has healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours. – Elton John.

Let me share another scenario, an interesting one.I don’t know how many of you feel this way?Sometimes, the music you hear in the movies during your childhood if replayed again when you grow up, it visualises in your mind providing instant boost and positivity.

A hero (Sunny deol ) beating a villain ( Amrish puri ) with the feeling of revenge  in a bollywood movie- Ghayal, I still have goose bumps connected to background music.

* I am open for your reactions on this 😉

Positive formula: If you want to connect to your soul, connect to music.

12.Belief and experience: Don’t believe on others opinion because your life is different from others as everyone carries a different belief system and sometimes it is difficult to analyse the authenticity of the matter.People influence their opinion erroneously with respect to their life experience without optimizing the grounds.Use your failures and challenges as experience and keep moving with faith in your abilities.This simple technique can make you remain positive.

As Les brown says, “ judge not according to appearances but judgment.”

Positive formula: Verify the topic or situation yourself first .

13. Be real and authentic: The best way to achieve success is to be yourself.Once you reach this zone,many people will misunderstand due to lack of vision or nature they possess.Don’t mind, Ignore them.They simply wouldn’t absorb and feel afraid to understand you.Whereas, some people will support and in return you should acknowledge them and respect them the way they are.

Positive formula: Stay on  your purpose.

14.Ride on faith: Even if you’re unsure about what you need to do or which direction to pursue be confident and do your best you can.Actually, that is all is needed, over thinking will lead to demoralisation many times if not converted to action.

Positive formula:  Trust your instincts.

15.Be happy for success of others: If your friend has got a promotion, someone’s bought a new house, got a foreign trip, blessed with a kid , bought a favourite car, fulfilled a dream , be happy with success of others even if it doesn’t belong to you.This simple gesture will bring bunch of happiness and you attract positivity in your life.

 Positive formula: Manifest positive attitude from other’s success.

16.Love your life: When you start showing up, haters will be intimidated by you. Rather being a reflection of what they could do. It’s about them and their insecurities.You become a reflection of what you are doing.Keep on doing what you feel is important for you, and one day the haters will admire you, respect you,love you and will treat you as your mentor too.I had this learning experience in my life and feel fortunate that I love being down to earth.What has driven me in my journey is love for myself and my positive attitude for my goals.

Positive formula: Goals are important,stick to it..

17.Eating pattern & Fitness: Eating pattern doesn’t mean dieting and remain in hunger; it only refers to eating within the required macros nutrients of your body with emphasis on organic food.

Does your eating habit have anything to do with your positive attitude?

Big time YES!

If you eat healthy you feel fresh, disseminate more stamina, become more productive and remain happy in your endeavours, lot of study science articles have revealed the same.

Positive formula:

Low carbohydrates diet combined with strength exercises and 4-5 litres of water intake everyday is a good option to remain fit and positive. I follow the same regime maximum time throughout the year as of now.

18. 4 stages of motivation:

You will love this perspective as most of us pretend our lives like this, I tried to cover it in 4 stages ;

Fear:At this stage, you are motivated by your fear. You cannot do business you’re made for job. You cannot become rich, because your father has not left anything for you. You are always right in relation and other people never understands you .You have faced huge losses and you cannot start again.

Lack of belief: At this stage you are motivated by lack of belief.You have removed fear but now you get into another trap.You’re motivated by the beliefs presented to you in different forms by the people of society you live.Their art of presentation makes you imbibe their ideas and make you realise holistically thay they are the only solution for your happiness and you believe it as you didn’t applied your self- belief there.

Transition: At this stage you are motivated by transition taking place.Your changes are noticeable and you have changed a lot in your approach.You’re motivated by the change you have demonstrated by believing in yourself physically, mentally and spiritually.

Love: At this stage you are motivated by love. You love yourself. You love your soul. You love your failures. You love everything about you because you understood – Love wins!

Positive formula: You will cross many failures to understand, life is beautiful.

19.Friends and well-wishers: I am fortunate to have some wonderful people with me as friends for life and when I interact with them I felt alive and joyful.As an individual, you should have a circle of genuine friends to company with occasionally and it surely adds to the positive attitude of your life and you feel rejuvenated.

 Positive formula: Have a circle of genuine friends, it will pay off.

 20.Family: Whether is giving a hug to my daughter when I come back from my work or spending time with my wife and parents, it gives a vanity of comfort, affection.No one can understand you better in your tough times other than your family members which works as the biggest source of positivity . Nurture the relationships with your near ones with utmost care and sincerity.

Positive formula:  Be transparent with your family always,never hide anything with them.

Thank-you for reading  🙂

Please share your comments on how you feel about my blog.


Love wins,


New Delhi ,India.


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“20 Life – Changing Formulas to Remain Positive forever by Sherry !”
  • Wow Sherry this article is like Goldmine. So useful in daily life and I will read it again and again to go through all points.

    All points are very practical and true.

    I agree to point 11 as I felt music healed me as I heard Adele Album #Hello and felt so good.

    Point 8 also very true and so as point of joining facebooth groups etc.

    I really like whole article

    Great Job

    • Thanks Jas for the appreciation , Feeling good today , got lot of compliments today other than comments from the members here.
      Thanks for creating this platform.
      Yes,I love listening to Mark Knight, Robert Schulz,Rob bailey,Eminem,Lana del Ray 🙂


  • Hi Supreet,
    It was wonderful meeting you in Delhi. Your article/blog is truly inspirational. I will try incorporating the golden rules of positivity in my daily life.

  • It’s a masterpiece. All the points are well explained but for me the points 1 (Positive turbine) & 2 (BEE) clearly stands out.

    Keep up the good work Sherry. ??Really loved it . God bless u.

  • Big one, but AWESOME…!!!
    Some points from my side :-
    3. Words carry power:-
    For this you just need to join a Facebook group named
    *’MOTIVATION SPARKLES’* its AWESOME and also you can visit, for more…!!
    It’s AMAZING…!!
    4. SELF-TALKS:-
    I guess it’s possible for daily, we can daily interact with our selves…
    By doing it daily it will truly boost our SUCCESS RATE by 10X
    Why I feel so…??
    Recently I read an amazing MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER’S book in that he mentions an ama thing that really fascinated me…
    I’m going to share it with you…
    Once he was asked, *”Sir, how long will it take to learn a skill…???”*
    And I LOVE his ANSWER…
    He told,
    *“How long do you want it to take?”*
    *If you take action ten times a day (and have the proportionate “learning experiences”) while other people act on a new skill once a month, you’ll have ten months of experience in a day, you will soon master the skill, and will, ironically, probably be considered “talented and luck”*
    *Do it more, to get the MOST*
    5. I have no words, the story you shared is AMAZING…!!!
    7. I have again an amazing funda…
    How to meet and greet people…???
    *Treat each and everyone as if you know DEEP-DARK-SECRETS about them…*
    And what are those DEEP-DARK-SECRETS…?!!
    *That, you know that they are going to die in the midnight today itself…*
    Then in that case how will you treat them..??
    I know, you will treat them with utmost care, love and gentleness…
    Then do that…
    They will reciprocate the same…
    8. My page ‘BE INSPIRED’ once a quote which is too much suitable for this…
    It reads…
    *”Don’t believe whatever you hear and see…!!!*
    *Their are always 3 sides to every story*
    *1. Yours*
    *2. Theirs*
    *3. THE TRUTH*
    9. Also, god resides in our heart, so if it’s a bit difficult to approach temple Daily then just express GRATITUDE FROM BENEATH OF YOUR HEART, it’s enough to God…
    *( My humble opinion )*
    10. *Truly said, the way to MOUNT EVEREST STARTS from a small tiny step.*
    And at last, sir it was amazing, and still I have lots more to share, anyways will keep SHARING…!!!

  • Great article by Sherry. Positive formulas are a good thing that gives us some strategies to go with these positive things

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